Tuesday 3 September

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Arrival tea and coffee amongst the exhibition

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AEGC 2019 Exhibition Open

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Welcome to Country
Marie Taylor

0835 – 0840

Welcome to AEGC 2019
Tim Dean and John Gorter, Co-Chairs AEGC 2019 Organising Committee

0840 – 0850

Official Opening
The Hon Bill Johnston MLA, Minister of Mines and Petroleum

0850 – 0855

Australian Institute of Geoscientists Welcome
Andrew Waltho, President

0855 – 0900

Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists Welcome
Ted Tyne, President

0900 – 0905

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia Welcome
Nathan Parker, Federal President

0905 – 0935

WesternGeco Plenary Address
David Seabrook, Vice President, Technology, WesternGeco

0935 – 0940

Delegates to make their way to the various member society rooms to hear an update from the President as to what is happening in their Society. For ASEG members this will include the presentation of awards.

0940 – 1010

Australian Institute of Geoscientists

Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia

Crown 3A

Crown 3B

Crown 3C

1010 – 1040

MORNING TEA Grand Ballroom

1010 – 1040

ASEG Finance Meeting, Studio Two, Level 2 (Invitation Only)
ASEG-SEG Meeting,
The Studio, Level 2 (Invitation Only)

1040 – 1220

Concurrent Sessions

New Plays and Areas


Seismic Processing (O+G) 1

WABS NCB/Exmouth 1

Exploration Strategy/Innovations

Magnetotellurics I – General

Mineral Case Studies: Geophysics – Seismic

Deep Crustal Studies I


Astral 1

Astral 2

Astral 3

Crown 1

Crown 2

Crown 3A

Crown 3B

Crown 3C

1040 – 1105

The Paleozoic Prospectivity of the offshore Canning Area, Australia

Said Amiribesheli

Discover Geoscience Pty Ltd

Paper 92

Electromagnetic and electrical methods applied to mapping coked coal – A case study from the Bowen Basin, Eastern Australia.

Jonathan Lowe


Paper 206

New insights into the Exmouth Sub-basin: Seismic acquisition, processing and imaging

Alex Karvelas


Paper 46

Shooting for the stars. Unravelling a late Jurassic deepwater petroleum system - frontiers for the next generation of petroleum exploration

Darren Ferdinando and Paul V Harrison


The Science of Discovery – From Exploration 1.0 to Discovery 2.0

Tim Craske

Geowisdom Pty Ltd

Paper 48


Magnetotellurics – Status Quo and Quo Vadimus?

Alan Jones

Complete MT Solutions Inc.

Maximising the value of 2D hard rock seismic acquisition at Escondida Porphyry Copper Mine

Heather Schijns


Paper 147

Moho structure of Australia from probabilistic inversion of teleseismic P-wave coda autocorrelation

Mehdi Tork Qashqai


Paper 244


Exploring for the future: Kidson Sub-basin seismic interpretation

Chris Southby

Geoscience Australia

Paper 129

Lithology characterisation of the roof and floor of the Moranbah measures coal seam using post-stack and pre-stack seismic inversion

Margarita Pavlova


Paper 109

Application of high-end seismic imaging technologies for field development in NWS Australia

Min Lee Chua


Paper 264

The power of the crowd & open data – learnings from the OZ Minerals Explorer open innovation challenge

Holly Bridgwater


Ian Anderson

OZ Minerals

Paper 107

Case studies on the application of passive seismic horizontal to vertical spectral ratio (HVSR) surveying for heavy mineral sand exploration

Nigel Cantwell

Resource Potentials Pty Ltd

Paper 282

Integrating fault kinematics into implicit 3D modeling of fault networks

Lachlan Grose

Monash University

Paper 118


What lies beneath? Prospecting for Hydrocarbons under a metamorphic allochthon, Timor-Leste

Mike Bucknill

Geovision Exploration Services

Paper 365

High-productivity, high-resolution 3D seismic surveys for open-cut coal operations

Eric Battig


Paper 151

Processing the first full azimuth OBN survey in Australia: a step change in imaging quality

Unnikrishnan Chambath


Paper 302

Ginger - a little spice on the shelf: supra-slump stratigraphic trapping in the Barrow Sub-basin

Steve Moss


What will it take to improve the characterisation of deep mineral deposits in order to assess “economic value” early in the discovery process?

Joe Cucuzza

AMIRA International

Paper 57

The Geosciences DeVL Experiment: New information generated from old magnetotelluric data of The University of Adelaide on the NCI High Performance Computing Platform

Nigel Rees

National Computational Infrastructure

Paper 138

Refraction tomography at the Nova Ni-Cu mine

Ian James


Paper 293

Metasomatic/depletion events affecting Cratons and “cratons”

Tom Wise

Geological Survey of South Australia

Paper 49


Passive seismic horizontal to vertical spectral ratio (HVSR) surveying to help define bedrock depth, structure and layering in shallow coal basins

Tom Dronfield

Paper 317

All that wobbles isn’t necessarily azimuthal anisotropy

Helen Debenham

Debenham’s Geophysical Consultancy

Paper 377

Morphometrics of Channel Belts from the Mungaroo Formation, NWS, Australia

Tobi Payenberg


Estimating interpretation uncertainty from magnetotelluric inversion

Janelle Simpson

Geological Survey of Queensland

Paper 278

Direct Imaging of Alteration With High Resolution Hard-Rock 3D Seismic Data at the Darlot Gold Mine

Graeme Hird


Paper 345

Imaging a mafic underplate in 3D: an example from the East Albany-Fraser Orogen and Yilgarn Craton margin

Lucy Brisbout

Geological Survey of Western Australia

Paper 199

1220 – 1320

LUNCH Grand Ballroom

1220 – 1320

ASEG Research Foundation Meeting, Studio Two, Level 2 (Invitation Only)
The Studio, Level 2 (Invitation Only)

1320 – 1340

Poster Session Meeting Rooms 1 - 4

Exploration Strategy

Shallow Seismic Investigations

Petroleum Systems and Basin Modelling

WABS NCB/Exmouth 2

Mineral Case Studies: Geology – I – Gold

Magnetotellurics II Modelling

Mineral Case Studies: Geophysics - Cross-Disciplinary

Deep Crustal Studies II


Astral 1

Astral 2

Astral 3

Crown 1

Crown 2

Crown 3A

Crown 3B

Crown 3C

1340 – 1405


Lessons from exploring our nearest neighbour, the Moon

Jason Crusan


An assessment of array types and processing algorithms for microtremor observations, via the COSMOS Blind Trials

Michael Asten

Monash University

Paper 184

Using mud gas components to quantify hydrocarbon liquid yields for gas zones in the Patchawarra Formation of the Western Flank, Cooper Basin

Belinda Wong

Beach Energy Ltd

Paper 30

Sequence stratigraphy of the Wheatstone and Iago fields; implications for reservoir characterisation

Bruce Ainsworth



Orogenic gold deposits: part of a global dynamic conjunction between subduction and gold

David Groves

Orebusters Pty Ltd

Keynote Paper

Reliable 1D magnetotelluric probabilistic inversion considering modelling assumption violations

Hoel Seille


Paper 250

Geophysical expression of the Meyers Crater, a new meteorite impact crater discovered in the Coolgardie Goldfield of Western Australia

Jayson Meyers

Resource Potentials

Paper 186

The lithospheric structure and deep processes of the Mesozoic mineral systems in east China: constrained from integrated geophysical data

Qingtian Lu

Sinoprobe Center, Chinese Academy of Geological Science

Paper 395


A 10 kN portable electromagnetic vibrator for near-surface studies

Tim Dean


Paper 36

New insights into the Exmouth Sub-basin from basin and petroleum system modelling

Craig Dempsey


Paper 79

Inversion of Magnetotelluric Data with Enhanced Structural Fidelity

Federico Golfré Andreasi


Paper 263

Structural controls of the Ernest Henry IOCG deposit: Insights from integrated structural, geophysical and mineralogical analyses.

Jim Austin


Paper 303

A statewide 3D geological model for New South Wales

Ned Stolz

Geological Survey of New South Wales

Paper 371


Why storytelling matters…especially in mineral exploration

Ahmad Saleem

Exploration Radio

Paper 375

Surface passive seismic monitoring by the local use of semblance

Andrej Bona

Curtin University

Paper 167

Triassic petroleum systems on the central North West Shelf – Learnings from the greater Phoenix area seismic mapping and geochemical studies

Nadege Rollet

Geoscience Australia

Paper 177

3D Seismic Analysis of ancient subsurface fluid flow in the Exmouth Plateau

Tayallen Velayatham


The Pilbara Mesoarchean conglomerate gold versus Quaternary colluvial gold: are they genetically linked?

Sam Spinks

CSIRO Mineral Resources

Paper 359

Using finite dipole lengths in complete earth 3D MT modeling

Wolfgang Soyer


Paper 269

Update on the geophysical expression of the Abra sedimentary replacement Pb-Ag-Cu-Au deposit, Western Australia

David Stannard

Resource Potentials

Paper 351

Basin-scale fluid-flow models of the McArthur River mineral system: Constraints from geochemistry, geophysics and sequence stratigraphy

Peter Schaubs

CSIRO Mineral Resources

Paper 344


The effects of seismic anisotropy on mining seismology

Andrew King


Paper 362


Building a 3D Geomechanical Model for the Fitzroy Trough

Oliver Gaede

Queensland University of Technology

Paper 273

Imaging past depositional environments of the NWS: lesson from 3D seismic data

Victorien Paumard

University of Western Australia

Characterisation of the Neoarchean Fortescue Group Stratigraphy – Integrated downhole geochemical and mineralogical correlation from new diamond drilling

Jessica Stromberg


Paper 350

Magnetotelluric inversion strategies

Ralf Schaa

Curtin University

Paper 309

3D Interpretation of Geological, 3D Seismic, and Conventional Geophysical Data from the Darlot Gold Mine

James Reid

Mira Geoscience

Paper 356

Sub-basin architecture of the Proterozoic McArthur Group, southern McArthur Basin

Teagan Blaikie


Paper 217

1520 – 1550

AFTERNOON TEA Grand Ballroom

1520 – 1550

ASEG Preview AE’s, Studio Two, Level 2 (Invitation Only)
ASEG Young Professionals,
The Studio, Level 2 (Invitation Only)


Seismic Processing (O+G) 2

Petroleum Systems and Basin Modelling II

WABS Bedout

Mineral Case Studies: Geology – II - Gold

Magnetotellurics – III – Case Studies

Induced Polarisation

Regional Tectonic Studies


Astral 1

Astral 2

Astral 3

Crown 1

Crown 2

Crown 3A

Crown 3B

Crown 3C



Applications of Rock Physics for Unconventional Reservoir Systems

Manika Prasad

Colorado School of Mines

Understanding the causes of low frequency shadow below gas hydrates

Ayman Noor Qadrouh

King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST)

Paper 44

Overpressure Transmission through Igneous Intrusions:

An unrecognized drilling hazard in volcanic affected basins?

Nick Schofield

University of Aberdeen

Paper 232

Tectonics of the Bedout Sub-Basin and deposition of the Lower Keraudren Formation; influence of tectonics in a rapidly deposited succession

Jon Minken


The Mineral Factory: How to Build a Giant Quartz Reef

Lisa Tannock

University of New South Wales

Paper 115

Scale reduction using Magnetotellurics – a mineral exploration example from the Olympic Domain, South Australia

Stephan Thiel

Geological Survey of South Australia

Paper 39

IpeX: A lower-cost superior reconnaissance RES/IP/MT survey

Steve Boucher

FQM Exploration (Chile) S.A.

Paper 103

Exploring for the Future: new U–Pb geochronology for the South Nicholson region and implications for stratigraphic correlations

Jade Anderson

Geoscience Australia

Paper 127


Imaging challenges at Gulf of Papua (PNG) and their solutions through high-end imaging technology

Zongying Gong

CGG Singapore

Paper 207

Gippsland Basin 3D forward modelling in Badlands

Xuemei(Linda) Yang

Curtin University

Paper 240

Unravelling the Lower Keraudren Petroleum System in the Bedout Sub-basin: Some Early Observations

Melissa Thompson


Yamarna Geology: Foundations for Further Discoveries

Janet Tunjic

Gold Road Resources

Paper 372

Defining the Eyre Conductivity Anomaly with the Tumby Bay MT transect

Graham Heinson

Geological Survey of South Australia

Paper 111

Induced Polarization Chargeability Calibration Standards

John Kingman


Paper 283

Tectonic Analysis of regional potential field data

Peter Betts

Monash University

Paper 145


Using network topology to constrain fracture network permeability

Rowan Hansberry

University of Adelaide

Paper 131

4D Seismic Bandwidth and Resolution Analysis for Reservoir Fluid-flow Model Applications

Rafael Souza


Paper 288

Understanding the variability of sedimentary basin’s gravity response through stratigraphic modelling

Vincent Crombez


Paper 276

Fine-scale variations in distributary mouth-bar morphology in the Middle Triassic Caley Member of the Bedout Sub-basin, Western Australia

Amely Allgoewer

MG Palaeo

The genesis of Carlow Castle: A unique Australian orogenic Cu-Co-Au deposit in the Archean Pilbara Craton

David Fox

CSIRO & Curtin University

Paper 162

Resistivity structure of the Link East MT transect in the Southern Curnamona Province

Ben Kay

University of Adelaide

Paper 116

Sensitivity-based data reduction of large 3D DC/IP surveys

Ken Witherly

Condor Consulting

Paper 379

U-Pb ages of the Himalayan foreland basin Northeast India: Implications for the India-Asia collision (V2)

Upendra Baral

Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Paper 254


Fraccing Onshore Australia 2019

Max Williamson

Wiltax Consulting Pty Ltd

Paper 135

Fracture identification by reflected guided borehole radar waves

Binzhong Zhou

CSIRO Energy

Paper 56

Probabilistic modelling of sedimentary basin evolution using Bayeslands

Danial Azam

University of Sydney

Paper 324

Quantitative Interpretation in the Bedout Sub-Basin - The value of seismic inversion when seismic data quality is poor

Margarita Kongawoin


Geological investigations with high spatial resolution WV-3 satellite imagery and regional geophysics at the Haib Cu porphyry, Namibia

Robert Hewson

University of Twente – ITC

Paper 224

MT conductivity signatures of mineral systems: 3D MT over the Eastern Goldfields Super Terrane, Yilgarn Craton

Kate Selway

Macquarie University

Paper 297

“Is it pyrite, or a shed?”: intricacies of Induced Polarisation surveying near grounded metallic infrastructure

Regis Neroni

Fortescue Metals Group

Paper 388

Modelling the Palaeozoic tectonic evolution of the Lachlan Orogen

Thomas Schaap

University of Tasmania

Paper 262

1730 – 1830

HAPPY HOUR Grand Ballroom

1730 – 1830

ASEG Council Meeting, The Studio, Level 2 (Invitation Only)