Thursday 5 September

0800 – 1800

AEGC 2019 Conference Registration Desk Open

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Arrival tea and coffee amongst the exhibition

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AEGC 2019 Exhibition Open

Petroleum Exploration and Dev Case Studies II

Artificial Intelligence in Energy Exploration

Seismic Acquisition Onshore

Stratigraphy and Sedimentology Bight

Mineral Case Studies: Geochemistry IV - New Technologies

Electromagnetics – I – Innovation and Limitations

Iron Ore Exploration II: Mine Scale

Developments in Inverse Modelling

University Student Day


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Botanical 2 & 3


Eromanga Oil Traps – A Multi Field Post Mortem

Keith Martens

Martens Petroleum Consulting

Paper 58

Viability of Long-Short Term Memory Neural Networks for Seismic Refraction First Break Detection – A Preliminary Study

Tasman Gillfeather-Clark

University of Western Australia

Paper 91

Drones as a support tool for seismic acquisition

Shaun Strong

Velseis Pty Ltd

Paper 23


The seven rocks that

made Australia

Marita Bradshaw National Rock Garden

Steering Committee

Keynote Paper

PhotonAssay – Efficient & Bulk Gold Analysis in the Modern World

Chenoa Tremblay


Paper 205

Target detectability in regional-scale AEM surveys

David Annetts


Paper 144

Drillhole Rugosity Correction for Gamma-Gamma Density Tools – A Space Modelling Approach

Dragos Gavriliu

Terra Logging Data Services

Paper 21

Application of growing-body potential-field inversion from drillholes

Kristofer Davis

Mira Geoscience

Paper 63

The AEGC2019 welcomes undergraduate, honours, masters and PhD students to attend the sponsored AEGC2019 University Student Day.

All conference delegates are welcome to attend any part of the University Student Day programme. (this sentence can be in bold to highlight)


Managing uncertainty to deliver complex development wells

Peter Van Ruth

Woodside Energy Ltd

Paper 242

An AI approach to using magnetic gradient tensor analysis for quick depth and property estimation

David Pratt

Tensor Research

Paper 124

Quaternary buried valley characterization on the Canadian Prairies using a Shear Land-streamer.

Robert Hearst

Southern Geoscience Consultants

Paper 95

Driving the paradigm shift of near surface exploration geochemistry using ultrafine soils

Ryan Noble


Paper 195

Making EM systems and bore logs speak the same language

Aaron Davis


Paper 212

Machine Assisted Drillhole Interpretation of Iron Ore Resource Evaluation Holes in the Pilbara

Daniel Wedge

Centre For Exploration Targeting, The University of Western Australia

Paper 42

Beyond chi-squared: Additional measures of the closeness of a model to data

Alan Jones

Complete MT Solutions Inc.

Paper 87


Pyxis: a study in cost-efficient near-field exploration, discovery and appraisal

Megan Slade

Woodside Energy Ltd

Paper 247

Geophysics and neural networks: learning from computer vision

Mark Grujic

Solve Geosolutions

Paper 246

Observations of Geophone Spurious Resonance

Steve Hearn

Velseis Pty Ltd

Paper 339

Seismic Evidence for Seal and Reservoir in the Late Cretaceous Ceduna Delta, Great Australian Bight

Benjamin Tredrea

Murphy Australia Oil Pty Ltd

Paper 383

pXRF assessment of new magmatic fertility indicators in the Macquarie Arc

Tristan Wells

University of Tasmania

Paper 81

AusAEM Year 1: Some aspects of quality control and calibration

Ross Brodie

Geoscience Australia

Paper 272

A high resolution seismic investigation for shallow iron ore.

Ashley Grant


Paper 315

Smart stitching: adding lateral priors to ensemble inversions as a post-processing step

Gerhard Visser


Paper 209


Carbonate reservoir development in the Canning Basin, Western Australia

Moyra Wilson

University of Western Australia

Paper 268

Deep neural networks for 1D impedance inversion

Vladimir Puzyrev

Curtin University

Paper 330

Recent advances in nodal land seismic acquisition systems

Tim Dean


Paper 382

New insights on the Upper Cretaceous Tiger Supersequence of the Bight Basin from International Ocean Discovery Program Hole U1512

Carmine Wainman

University of Adelaide

Paper 146

A framework for multi-sensor image segmentation using fuzzy collaborative clustering

Tauqir Moughal


Paper 153

Low-Base Frequency Helicopter AEM Data from a Square-Wave System – Helitem Squared

Adam Smiarowski

CGG MultiPhysics

Paper 294

Using Corona to test NMR response of iron ore chip samples

Kazimierz Trofimczyk


Paper 349

Bayesian joint inversion of controlled source electromagnetic and magnetotelluric data to infer presence of a freshwater aquifer offshore New Jersey

Anandaroop Ray

Geoscience Australia

Paper 75

1010- 1040

MORNING TEA Grand Ballroom

1010 – 1040

ASEG Publications Meeting, Studio Two, Level 2 (Invitation Only)


QI2 – Seismic Inversion – Case Studies

Stratigraphy and Sedimentology Western Margin II


Australian Ore Deposit Volume: Mineral Case Studies I – Overview Papers

Electromagnetics – II – Modelling

Iron Ore Exploration I: Regional

Groundwater and Near Surface IV

University Student Day


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Astral 3

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Crown 3A

Crown 3B

Crown 3C

Botanical 2 & 3



Tectonic and structural challenges in the understanding of the evolution of rift and passive margin basins’

Ken McClay

Terra Tectonics

Depth conversion and seismic inversion of the Scarborough gas field

Joseph Kremor

Woodside Energy

Paper 110

New insights into the offshore Canning Basin using a seamless onshore/offshore seismic stratigraphic model.

Christopher Yule

James Cook University

Paper 163


Denes Vigh



Geology of Australian

Ore Deposits

Neil Phillips

University of Melbourne

& Stellenbosch

University RSA

Keynote Paper

Augmenting 1D conductivity depth sections to include information pertaining to 2D/3D conductors

Magdel Combrinck


Paper 99

Hyperspectral imaging of sedimentary iron ores – Beyond borders

Lionel Fonteneau

Corescan Pty Ltd

Paper 348

Passive seismic HVSR surveying for groundwater exploration at the Chilalo Graphite Project, Tanzania

Sharna Riley

Resource Potentials Pty Ltd

Paper 296

Four information sessions are scheduled on the University Student Day:

1) A discussion on honours, masters and PhD geoscience degree programmes;

2) Career insights and advice from experienced geoscientists from varied disciplines;

3) Local mentoring and development programmes;

4) Exciting geoscience challenges, including the Frank Arnott Award.

An expert Q&A-style panel will round out the proceedings and allow both students and conference delegates to tackle front-of-mind questions and share experiences.


Integrating Seismic Inversion in Static Models to Capture Geological Heterogeneity and Improve Exploration Outcomes

Cristina Angheluta

Woodside Energy Ltd

Paper 213

Palaeogeographic evolution of the Triassic succession, central North West Shelf

Steve Abbott

Geoscience Australia

Paper 192

Overly steep decays in airborne TEM data and their link to charge-ability: example from the Howards East District, NT, Australia

Klara Steklova

Aarhus University

Paper 223

Preliminary Dating of Martite Goethite Iron Ore in the Hamersley Province (Western Australia)

Erick Ramanaidou

CSIRO Mineral Resources

Paper 229

Dude, Where’s My Gun? A near-surface geophysics case-study

Tim Dean


Paper 14


The Bight Basin, Evolution & Prospectivity I: gravity, deep seismic & basin morphology

Jane Cunneen

Curtin University

Paper 260

Dude, where’s my AVO? A case study from the Browse Basin, North West Shelf, Australia

Said Amiribeshli

Discover Geoscience Pty Ltd

Paper 166

Significance of Early Triassic Conodont Zones from Western Australia

John Gorter


Paper 256

Resolving complex velocity and gas absorption features with full-waveform inversion in the Taranaki Basin, New Zealand

Yuelian Gong

Schlumberger - WesternGeco

Paper 210

Known, absent and potential mineral deposit types in Australia

David Groves

University of Western Australia

Paper 83

Insight from AIP modelling of VTEM ET data from Colorado

Andrea Viezzoli

Aarhus Geophysics Aps

Paper 320

From a Mining Mindset to Regional Discovery: A Case Study for Hematite Iron Ore Exploration in Mauritania

Bert De Waele

SRK Consulting

Paper 285

Geophysical investigation of mine waste in the King River Delta, Macquarie Harbour, Tasmania

Matthew Cracknell

University of Tasmania

Paper 50


The Bight Basin, Evolution & Prospectivity II; seismic, structure and balanced sections.

Kevin Hill

University of Melbourne

Paper 234

Using Recursive Inversion as input for gross-rock volume extraction from lithology prediction volumes: How bad can it be?

James Shadlow


Paper 396

The Foura Sandstone type section (Samaropollenites speciosus Zone, Carnian–early Norian; early Late Triassic), Timor-Leste: preliminary correlation between Timor and the Bonaparte Basin

Daniel Peyrot

University of Western Australia

Paper 291

Full Waveform Inversion of simultaneous long-offset data

Andrew Long


Paper 43

Structural setting and controls on Ni-Cu sulphide mineralisation at Nova-Bollinger, Fraser Zone, W.A.

Jonathan Standing

Model Earth Pty Ltd

Paper 245

Handling noise in AEM inversion – implications for subsurface characterisation

Shane Mulè


Paper 326

Analysis of Geophysical Datasets for Coastal Vulnerability and Asset Management

Peter Eccleston


Paper 281

1220 – 1320

LUNCH Grand Ballroom

1220 – 1320

President’s Meeting (AIG, ASEG, PESA) , Studio Two, Level 2 (Invitation Only)

1320 - 1340

Poster Sessions Meeting Rooms 1 - 4

Tectonostratigraphy II

QI1 - Machine Learning and Attributes

Stratigraphy and Sedimentology- Western Margin I

Seismic Acquisition Offshore

Australian Ore Deposit Volume - Mineral Case Studies II – Commodities

Mineral Case Studies: Geophysics – Electromagnetics

Regional Geophysical Case Studies

Potential Fields: Innovations and Limitations

University Student Day


Astral 1

Astral 2

Astral 3

Crown 1

Crown 2

Crown 3A

Crown 3B

Crown 3C

Botanical 2 & 3



Structural and lithological controls on the geometry and morphology of igneous intrusions: a 3D seismic case study from the Exmouth sub-basin, NW Shelf

Simon Holford

University of Adelaide

Paper 72

Cimatti Field - An example of using seismic amplitude to determine in-place resource

Michael Micenko

Mitsui E&P Australia

Paper 90


Sequence Stratigraphy, Seismic Geomorphology and Depositional Analogues in Hydrocarbon Exploration and Reservoir Characterization

Simon Lang

University of Western Australia

Improved HSEQ and survey efficiency demonstrated with a new remotely operated streamer cleaning tool

Andrew Long


Paper 41

West Australian Gold Resources: Crisis or Hubris?

Julian Vearncombe

SJS Resource Management

Paper 181

DHEM at Las Cruces, Spain – Successes and Failures

Gavin Selfe


Paper 85

Metal Earth: role of multidisciplinary geophysical methods to improve knowledge of mineral deposition across Precambrian rocks

Esmaeil Eshaghi

Thomson Aviation

Paper 26


Estimation of magnetization direction from magnetic field data

Clive Foss


Students are offered a guided tour of the exhibition and will see the latest in exploration technologies, while having an opportunity to further interact with established geoscientists. Thereafter, students are encouraged to sit-in on technical sessions of their choosing, or continue to explore the exhibition hall or adjacent poster sessions.


New Insights into the Exmouth Sub-basin: Tectono-Stratigraphic Evolution

Robbie Benson


Paper 125

Bayesian geophysical inversion with Gaussian process machine learning and trans-D Markov chain Monte Carlo

Anandaroop Ray

Geoscience Australia

Paper 77

Current and future multicomponent towed streamer design

Susanne Rentsch

Shearwater GeoServices

Paper 378

Gold metallogeny of the northern Capricorn Orogen

Imogen Fielding

Geological Survey of Western Australia

Paper 179

A brief description of the Andromeda Zn-Cu prospect in the Albany-Fraser Orogenic belt: A geophysical discovery using HT SQUID

Paul Polito

Independence Group

Paper 93

What Lies Beneath? A Reflection on the Porphyry Copper Exploration Model

Ken Witherly

Condor Consulting

Paper 380


The structural architecture of the central North West Shelf – insights from regional scale mapping of the Triassic succession

Claire Orlov

Geoscience Australia

Paper 152

Regional Stratal Slice Imaging of the Northern Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia

Tony Marsh


Paper 194

Structural modification of the Jaguar VHMS Zn-Cu-Ag deposits, Yilgarn Craton, W.A.

Jonathan Standing

Model Earth Pty Ltd

Paper 280

The Borden Gold Deposit, northern Ontario: Contributions of VTEM helicopter time-domain EM and magnetics leading to discovery

Jean Legault

Geotech Ltd.

Paper 100

Combined potential field and airborne electromagnetic interpretation to unravel the geological history of the Curaca Valley Region, Bahia, Brazil

Jean-Philippe Paiement

Mira Geoscience

Paper 311

Full Spectrum Falcon – Measuring wide broadband airborne gravity data

Chris Van Galder


Paper 292


Rift initiation on Australia’s southern margin: insights from the Bremer Sub-basin

Jane Cunneen

Curtin University

Paper 323

Jurassic Igneous Activity in the Exmouth Sub-basin: Insights from new 3D Seismic

Gerry O’Halloran

BHP Petroleum

Paper 47

VMS and Ni-Cu exploration using an integrated geophysical and drilling method

Flemming Effersø

Skytem Surveys Aps

Paper 158

Application of passive seismic and AEM to 3D paleochannel imaging: Capricorn Orogen

Sara Jakica


Paper 200

Learnings from the Gawler Craton Airborne Survey Quality Control

Matthew Hutchens

Geoscience Australia

Paper 310

1520 – 1535

AFTERNOON TEA Grand Ballroom

1535 – 1630


Closing Plenary including presentation of awards

Announcement of AEGC 2021 Conference

Farewell Comments

1630 – 1730

FAREWELL DRINKS Join us at the conclusion of the Conference for a farewell drink before heading home.